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Racism is dead, long live white supremacy
By Tony Rebel

It is a truth universally acknowledged that claims about racism's death in America and Britain is a big lie.  

The fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9 2014, is proof white supremacy, in substance rather than form, survived the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The New Jim Crow reverses affirmative action.  It racially profiles  Africans American as  prone to crime and dysfunctional families,  a  "black problem" managed  through the criminal justice system.

As police violence against people protesting Michael Brown shooting shows denial of African-American democratic rights is as repressive as it was in the Birmingham campaign.

2014 -  Birmingham, UK,  the fate of black Britons is in a very real sense worse than that of African Americans before the Civil Rights Act. Black Americans had the Bill of Rights, a protected right to free speech which Martin Luther King Jnr used to good effect. Britons do not.

40 years after the 1976 Race Relations Act, even the All Party Parliamentary Group on Race and Community acknowledges racism affects black Britons worse than it did in 1964.

In 2001, Greg Dyke, said: "I think the BBC is hideously white".

In May 2014, Tom Murtha describes the new housing allocation scheme as "racist".

Like Americans of colour, black Britons are seen by public authorities as the social "problem" rather than structural racism from which they suffer. As a result, post 1976, there has been a shift away from efforts to remove barriers to equality and diversity, such as race discrimination. In a frightening echo of 1930 Germany, the emphasis is now on  managing Britain's "black problem" via the criminal justice system.

In fact as far as black Britons are concerned, the police state is less a fascist's "wet dream" and  very much an existing fully integrated "multi-agency" system of "bantu" control consisting of: police, registered social landlords, educational institutions, social services, the judiciary, etc.

The voice of protests for equality and diversity is denied by the judicial system, like under South African apartheid.

In Ferguson black are waking up to the fact that freedom of speech against white supremacy once again carries a price, prison. They say however: "let the jailers open the gates, we are going to jail".

A right not worth going to prison for, is a right not worth having: No Justice, No Peace.

In memory of Patsy: the writer's partner.

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